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Are you like me and absolutely cannot stand cludder? Have any old, broke, or just unused electronics laying around for you to trip over or just get in your way? Or just any electronics that you have been asking your husband to get rid of and he's just unsure where to take them to dispose of them? Well rest assure this ad is not only just for you but could very well be a life saver for your husband. I am now accepting any and all electronics. Yes you did indeed read that correctly I will not just come pick up but also will haul away your old electronics. Yes both working and broken I'm not picky all are welcomed. If you find yourself at this point in the ad confused or wondering if what you have may be within my interest then I'll start by saying chances are yes I will take it but if you still need verification then please do not hesitate and send me an email with your location and whatever items you have for pick up and we will work out the other details at that point in time. To save you the extra stress below is a list of some (but not all) items that I accept. If you are already feeling much better then before this ad then please don't waste another second send me that email. Help yourself out by letting me help you.

Old tube tvs
Flat screen tvs
Old style computer monitors
Flat screen computer monitors
Computer towers
Window a/c units
Central air units
Old instruments
Any appliances
Stero equipment
Video game systems
Power tools
Air tools

Fee may apply depending on distance and how many old tube tvs and old computer monitors you have. But don't let that scare you away I'm a very reasonable and understanding man so what's to loose? Send me that email now.

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